Birdwatching in the beautiful countryside of Andalucia

Until I accommodated an avid birdwatcher last season who was thrilled to be able to watch so many species flying overhead while lazing on a sunlounger, I had no idea what an amazing area this was for serious ‘twitchers’. Here is his testimonial which he posted on my site.

What a find this was, we wanted a quite homely stay and central base for our hiking excursions We were definitely not disappointed. The room and facilities were first class as was Elaine’s hospitality. The breakfast was always delicious with a fine selection of home grown produce including some fantastic breads. The real added bonus of Villa Los Paraisos was the bird watching, from the sunlounger the following where frequently spotted Spanish imperial Eagles, Griffon Vultures, Buzzards, Black Kites, Shrikes and hundreds of huge Storks, a quite amazing site. As part of our visit included eagle spotting in the mountains this was a well received surprise. Whether you want a relaxing poolside break or a comfortable base for an adventurous escape Villa Los Paraisos has it all, book now to avoid disappointment… Thank you Elaine x

Now that I have my super website set up courtesy of my adorable son Dominic I want to share that information with anyone looking for a relaxing holiday combined with their passion for bird watching. I love birds but don’t know enough about them so I did some research and here is what I found:


Number of bird species: 554

The impressive abundance of birds that can be found in Spain is due both to its geographical location (it is a natural route between the European Continent and Africa) and its varied landscapes and climates. Over 456 different species of birds are quoted – 285 breeding – some of them having here their last European strongholds. This is the case with Purple Gallinule (3,500 pairs); White-headed Duck (1,164 individuals) and Marbled Teal (250 pairs); and they are on the increase in most of the Iberian wetlands. Other species, like raptors, are also recovering: Lammergeier (+80 cc.); Griffon Vulture (16,590 cc.); Golden Eagle (+1,200 cc.).

I am only 15 minutes from Osuna and 30 minutes from Fuente de la Piedra ( the best place to see flamingos in Europe).

The Osuna Triangle

Osuna is in the heart of Steppe country and is surrounded by various lagoons and wetland habitats. It is a rich area for birds and of particular interest is breeding Great and Little Bustard. The focal points forming the Osuna triangle are Marchena, Lantejuela and of course Osuna itself. Between these towns and village is a maze of roads and well maintained tracks, which serve to allow visiting birders to explore and find the area’s specialities such as Black-bellied Sandgrouse, Stone Curlew, Black-winged Kite and a host of other much sought after species. During the summer months Roller, Collared Pratincole and Montagu’s Harrier are common breeding birds, whilst the wetlands hold numbers of tern species and waterbirds. Winter sees Common Crane and raptors stopping over.

If you are serious about your bird watching don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to indulge your hobby while your partner can relax, unwind and read that bestseller they have been saving for a poolside sunbathing session!