Fishing in Seville region

Fishing is very important in this region. The Rio Guadalquivir which runs through Seville is large enough and deep enough to give Mediterranean cruise ships and cargo vessels easy access into the inner reaches of this beautiful region of Andalucia. As we all know here sturgeon are prevalent. The Phoenicians produced a highly desirable fish sauce  from it’s ‘guts’ and called it garum. This was exported from the region as early as 2000B.C. The first caviar! The celebrated caviar factory at Coria opened in 1932 and processed upwards of 3186 sturgeon until 1954. It’s heritage lives on in the local angling ‘Club el estrurion’ at Coria. The Atlantic species can grow to 3.5 metres and weigh 280 kilos. In Spring it used to migrate up the river to spawn and travel as far as Cordoba, some 230km in distance. Sadly numbers have now dwindled and Cordoba is silted up to such an extent you can barely take a canoe into the town centre river area! The last sturgeon was caught in 1075. There may still be a small population in the Gulf of Cadiz. Overfishing and water quality problems take their toll.


San Juan de Aznalfarche

Free fishing for carp, barbel, alburnum and big eels.Depth of 3-9 metres. Channel width 100 metres. Lots of greenery on the banks.

Darsena de Seville

Free fishing for carp, barbel, eels, tench, bass, perca-sol, boca, albures, lubines, robalos. This is the river basin that diverts a channel from the Guadalquivir through the city centre. over which most of the importanrt bridges span. Depth of 3-12 metres. Water level varies when the sluice opens for boats to reach the port.

Alcala de Guadaira

On the river Guaudaira. Free fishing for carp, algun, pike, eels, barbel. A smaller river in forest with crystalline waters. You can see the fish 3 metres down. Big carp up to 10 kilos. Eels 4.5 kilos

Puebla de Cazalla Embalse

My town but no bias! Free fishing for carp and black bass. Very attractive spot but difficult to get around the perimeter., So fish by the dam, just off the road.. There is little shade so take a brolly and plenty of water.

I have included a map so you can see other places to fish locally. I have a very interesting book with much more information, kindly supplied in English by a leader in this field who many of you  will know from your Angling magazines- Dr. Bruno Broughton (Fellow of the Institute of Fisheries Management). I am proud to call him a friend.