La Fuenlonguilla – Museo del Aceite (Olive oil Museum) in La Puebla de Cazalla

A friend invited me to a tour of this amazing old farmhouse in my local town. I was amazed as I have lived in this region for over six years and didn’t know of it’s existence. What an enjoyable couple of hours it was with an interesting guide in a fascinating building.

Completely restored in 1993 to it’s original condition it is one of the only of it’s kind remaining. To this day there are co-operatives for olive growers and this was one of the best of it’s time. Farmers travelled from far and wide to bring their olive crop to be pressed for olive oil production as to own the machinery was an enormous capital expense for the poor peasant farmers. There was accommodation too so it was a very social place where the lonely farmer could meet up with old friends or make new ones. Farming methods would be discussed and the price of crops as ardently debated each year as they are today, (over a glass of Jerez sherry or a small beer). There were enormous stone demijohns which would have each farmer’s name on and the quantity of oil would be recorded so that you could take some for yourself and the remaining for sale with the mill taking a percentage of profits.

Today the museum also hosts workshops in country crafts as well as the largest flamenco and singing festival in the area. I am attending a concert tomorrow as a very good friend is singing in a local band. When a friend asked him if he would like to gig with them he enthusiastically agreed thinking it would be in a local bar, not at a major festival with up to 1,500 attendees! There are four bands and three DJs at the gig starting at 10:00 p.m. so I may need matchsticks to hold my eyes open but I am looking forward to it. This event is rock, soul and blues but most of the gigs are dancing and singing flamenco. There is a world famous flamenco dancer here and people come from all over the World to attend her workshops. Well worth a visit.