La Puebla de Cazalla, my home town in Andalucia

According to the 2005 census there were 11,000 people in my little town and I don’t suppose it is very different today. It is a typical whitewashed Spanish town with a pretty mustard, white and blue town hall right in the centre. These are the traditional colours of Andalucia. There are several Catholic churches, the main religion in Spain. Around 80% of people are Catholic although only 38% now claim to be practising the faith on a daily basis. There is a large car park area in town which doubles as the venue for the market on Fridays as well as circus, fairground and festival events. Around the fountain nearby are many bars where you can sit on the quiet street and watch the world go by with a small beer (cerveza) or a cafe con leche (coffee with milk). Bliss.

Although small we do have a convent, an archaeological museum as well as a contemporary art museum.

The town festival in September brings out the locals in their beautiful flamenco dresses. Often handmade and spectacularly colourful with matching huge earrings, mantilla (hair ornament) and shoes.  The men wear black and white riding clothes and parade on the backs of their stallion horses. Never a mare. This would not be dangerous enough for the macho Spanish male. He must show his prowess in controlling the animal!

On 13th July this year Ursula Moreno, a world famous flamenco artiste will be giving a seminar in our small town. This is a great honour. There is hardly a child who can’t dance or sing in the style so typical of Spain. It is taught at school and many still attend classes as adults.

If you get the chance to visit me and stay at my Bed and Breakfast, La Puebla de Cazalla is worth a little visit.