With it’s population of only 20,000 Marchena is 10 minutes drive from my Bed and Breakfast establishment. The town dates back to the time of the Moors.The name comes from that adopted during the Moorish invasion, Marssen-ah. Although it’s history can be traced back to 168 the city was conquered by Fernando III in 1240 and given to the son of Pedro Ponce de Minerva for honouring Fernando IV with the lordship of the town. In 1812, following the abolition of the feudal system by the Constitution, Marchena reached its peak, which is manifested in its beautiful architectural constructions.

Marchena has important archaeological heritage, as can be seen at the Bronze Age Montemolín site. Not to be missed is a stroll through the the medieval San Juan neighbourhood, with its Moorish defensive wall and Sevilla and Morón gates. Stately houses, churches and palaces can be found throughout the old town. The Zurburán Museum is also interesting. It has works by this important Spanish artist. The Easter week celebrations in this town have deep-rooted tradition. if you attend in the evening the eerie candlelit procession is moving even if you are non-religious. Definitely worth seeing!

If you visit the Tourist Information Centre you can find many important and beautiful places to visit as well as routes of different distances to walk according to your fitness level.

Shopping is very good here. There are lovely little family run places as well as all the major supermarkets for that must have souvenir!